Professional VCT Floor Maintenance and Restoration

Cleaning & Restoring VCT Flooring

Obtain the most from your VCT floor by trusting the Arnold's Kleenit Co. team right from the start and relying on our years of VCT floor care experience. 

In the first couple years, your VCT flooring needs proper maintenance care or the adhesive bond may be corrupted.  It is imperative to use the right products and procedures to assure its integrity.

VCT floors should be sealed and/or finished with the proper products with an accurate number of coats dependent on your facility’s traffic conditions, budget, and expectations.

The number of coats depends on such factors as your expectations, traffic conditions, budget, climate, etc.

Our daily maintenance of VCT floors removes dust, dirt, grit and debris to avoid floor damage and we damp mop as required.  Periodically, as needed, we do the heavy-duty work of scrubbing, using the proper equipment and pads.  

When your VCT flooring needs restoration, we have the experience to properly strip and refinish with the least amount of disruption in your daily activities.

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