Commercial Floor Equipment Rental in Rochester, MN

Rental Upholstery clenaer

Need to rent a particular commercial machine? No problem. Arnold's Supply has the industry's most popular floor equipment for rental.

We offer both daily and weekend rates, with assurances that you are trained on the operation of the equipment you are renting for maximum results.

For larger machine rentals, ask about our fast pick-up and delivery.

Call us today at 800.559.8111 for a quote or estimate.


rental carpet fan. air mover

3-Speed Carpet Fan / Air mover

Daily: $19
Weekend: $28

carpet extractor rental

Carpet Extractors

Daily: $25
Weekend: $30

rental upholstery tool

Upholstery Tool w/hose

Daily: $5
Weekend: $5

rental floor machine

17" Floor Machine

Daily: $20
Weekend: $30

rental Floor equipment

20" Floor Machine

Daily: $25
Weekend: $35

Ozone air cleaner

Ozone Air Cleaner

Daily: $60
Weekend: $80

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In the US, nearly 80% of companies lease equipment. Here are just a few reasons why it makes good business sense to lease:

  • Conserves capital money, makes it available for other uses
  • Enables a company to consider equipment purchases as part of operating expenses, allowing some of all of the monthly payments to be tax deductible
  • Provides flexibility and involves less red tape compared to typical bank financing
  • Allows for payments to be structured to match the lessee's usage of the asset, accounting needs, or revenue pattern.
  • Simplifies budget projections by knowing exact month-to-month payments
  • Preserves existing lines of credit, as bank and trade credit are unaffected by leasing through non-bank sources
  • Preserves the ability to borrow for short term needs
  • Provides a hedge against obsolescence
  • Provides an additional source of euqipment funding, lowers inital costs and eases execution and disposal.


Ask us about our product offerings, including:

  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Purchase Option Lease
  • $10 Purchase Option Lease
  • 10% Residual Pricing
  • Specifically structured vendor programs
  • Pre-paid purchase options
  • Add-ons and Upgrades


Interested in knowing more? Call us today at 507.289.2393.