Commercial Cleaning Services for Automotive Dealerships

cleaning auto dealerships

A shiny showroom puts your models in the best light and sets the stage for customers to be in a buying mood.

For your service area, a clean service department reflects your commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Because of the heavy soil loads and grease/oils, job specific chemicals and equipment are needed to get the job done right. We use the right degreasers and floor equipment needed to achieve the desired results, create a more productive service department, and reduce slip-and-fall risks.

Your showroom floors will have a high gloss to highlight the shine of your inventory. Special attention is paid to restroom cleanliness to control odors and make customers and employees comfortable.

Service Area – Your service area has two significant components: first, the intake area where your customers’ vehicles are dropped off and second, the waiting area. Special attention is paid to the service area to assure floors are free of grease and work stations are clean.  We make sure waiting areas are inviting, clean, stain-free and coffee stations are orderly.

Restrooms – Restroom odor control starts with proper cleaning. We meet this challenge with a system of comprehensive daily cleaning and disinfection.  We use products that provide ongoing odor control to attack troublesome urine salt bacteria. We also perform interim and deep cleaning combined with a proven ongoing odor control program.  Floors are properly cleaned, grout lines are addressed, “ring around the floor” is avoided, and paper products are fully stocked.

Cubicles / Offices - We carefully respect each employee’s work area and carefully clean around any work product left on flat surfaces. All horizontal surfaces such as desktops, file cabinets, and window sills are cleaned and high touch surface areas are disinfected. Carpets are spot cleaned and vacuumed.

Showroom – Your business depends on the impression your customers have as they walk through the door.  We make sure they see a bright, shiny floor, clean windows, clean literature holders, and experience a fresh, clean scent. These are the factors that help lead to higher sales and increasing your bottom line.