Cleaning Services for Schools & Educational Facilities

cleaning schools, educational buildings

Arnold's Kleenit Co. assures the most conducive learning environment is achieved with our services geared toward the educational facility. Special attention is paid to the unique needs of an educational facility, whether it is a grammar school, high school, or college/technical center.

Here are just a few ways we address the unique maintenance needs of an educational facility:

Classrooms – Arnold's Kleenit Co. uses environmentally preferred cleaning products, equipment, and techniques to keep classrooms healthy and clean.  We implement daily, interim and deep cleaning on classroom floors and clean/sanitize desktops.  We respect the teacher’s area and carefully clean “around” work products left on surface areas. White boards are thoroughly cleaned according to guidance from the staff so nothing is accidentally erased.

Restrooms – Restroom odor control in schools is a monumental challenge and we start with proper cleaning. We begin with a system of comprehensive daily cleaning and disinfection, using products that provide ongoing odor control to attack troublesome urine salt bacteria. We also perform interim and deep cleaning combined with a proven ongoing odor control program.  Floors are properly cleaned, grout lines are addressed, “ring around the floor” is avoided, and paper products are fully stocked.

Cafeterias – Each day, hundreds of children eat off of cafeteria tables. We make sure those surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized.  For schools providing hot lunches, our team is particularly skilled in cleaning kitchen areas, including the sinks and bright work.  Walls behind trash receptacles are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Cafeteria floors are addressed with daily maintenance, as well as interim and deep cleaning, as needed.

Common Areas – Lobbies, media centers/libraries, and other common areas are susceptible to an array of cleaning challenges.  From chewing gum to tracked-in dirt and ice melt, we know how to effectively remove the offending debris and assure no long-term damage to the surface.  In areas with computer stations, we make sure monitors are cleaned properly to avoid scratching, all high touch flat surfaces are disinfected, and trash receptacles are cleaned and treated for odor control.

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