Commercial Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities

cleaning medical facilities

Medical facilities are held to a higher standard of daily maintenance and cleaning, as patients, families, and medical professionals expect exceptional cleanliness. There is a reason why so many medical facilities in Rochester trust Arnold's Kleenit Co. to clean and maintain their buildings.

Below are just a few examples of our care in various building areas:

Waiting Rooms/Reception Area – It is important to have a fresh smelling, clean waiting area that doesn’t smell “medical.”  Arnold's Kleenit Co. uses cleaning products that leave your facility smelling fresh and clean and not overly sanitized.  Special attention is paid to spot cleaning carpeted areas, as well as upholstered furniture. All surfaces as cleaned and disinfection implemented on high touch surfaces. 

Exam Rooms – It is vital to avoid any cross-contamination, so we carefully use a combination of microfiber mops, clothes, and procedures to assure maximum protection from cross-contamination as we clean your examination rooms.  We use hospital-grade disinfectants on surfaces, including exam chairs, and exam tables. 

Restrooms – In medical facilities, odor control is particularly important. We implement an odor control system that begins by assuring a high level of proper cleaning with daily, interim and deep cleaning along with a proven ongoing odor control program. We also make sure floors are properly cleaned, grout lines are addressed, “ring around the floor” is avoided, and paper products are fully stocked.

Lobby – When patients, their family members, and other professional enter your building, the first thing they see in your lobby is your flooring.  We thoroughly clean your floors with the appropriate cleaning products to assure proper slip resistance and maximum shine. Carpeting is vacuumed daily with interim and deep cleaning performed according to your traffic.  Any spills, spots and stains are addressed immediately.  Reception desks, lobby waiting tables, receptacles, and other surface areas are cleaned and high touch areas are disinfected.