Only the Best Lines of Facility and Janitorial Supplies


EnvirOx Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals

Environmentally preferable, reduced toxicity cleaning solutions, including patented, EPA registered hydrogen peroxide technology.

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Professional Clorox Cleaning Chemicals

Known for groundbreaking laundry surfactant technology, U.N.X. Inc. provides a variety of detergents and cleaners.

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P&G Professional Cleaning Products

A full line of janitorial cleaning products from Procter & Gamble, including finished floor care, carpet care, and cleaning products.

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Arnold's Dial hand soaps

Dial® Professional offers well-known national brands for hand hygiene, air care, laundry, insecticides and general purpose cleaners.

GOJO Facility Maintenance Hand Soap Products

GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL, has been an industry leader in improving well-being through proper hand hygiene.

Reckitt-Benckiser Commercial Cleaning Products

Professional Lysol is the commerical division of Reckitt Benckiser, providing disinfection and odor control.

KUTOL Hand Hygiene Soaps, Sanitizers

Kutol Products Company manufacturers commercial foam and liquid hand soaps, sanitizers, and lotions.

3M janitorial products

3M provides facility maintenance solutions to clean, disinfect and protect your facility.

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Core Products Company Cleaning Chemicals

Core is committed to creating innovative, green cleaning solutions that are easy on both users and the environment and competitively priced.

Arnold's Basic Coatings Cleaning Chemicals

Basic Coatings provides superior wood flooring solutions for residential, commercial and sports floors.

Multi-Clean Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals

Multi-Clean manufactures high performance cleaning and floor care chemicals, as well as the patented Multi-Task Dilution Control System.

Claire aerosol Cleaning Chemicals

Claire Manufacturing provides top-quality aerosol products to the Sanitary Supply Industry.

HOSPECO Janitorial supplies

Products available from Hospeco includes safety, personal hygiene, liners and receptacles, odor control and washroom accessories.

Ossian Ice Melt

Ossian is single-focused in providing the most extensive, effective ice melt products on the market.

Sealed Air Diversey Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals

Diversey provides commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions for a wide range of facilities.