Commercial Cleaning Services for Office Buildings

Cleaning office buildings

Arnold's Kleenit Co. assures your facility is the most impressive it can be for tenants, employees, and visitors. We begin by assuring your lobby/entrance area is clean, bright, and exudes the professionalism you expect. We pay special attention to the smallest details that combine for your overall impact.

Cubicles / Offices -We carefully respect each employee’s work area and carefully clean around any work product left on flat surfaces. All horizontal surfaces such as desktops, file cabinets, and window sills are cleaned and high touch surface areas are disinfected. Carpets are spot cleaned and vacuumed.

Conference Rooms - Food, beverage and pen stains easily happen in common areas and leave a room with an unprofessional look.  That’s why we quickly remove spots and stains as soon as we seen them. Carpets are vacuumed and pile-lifted regularly.  Conference tables, counter areas, and other flat surfaces are cleaned and high touch areas are disinfected.

Restrooms - Odor control is a priority when it comes to restrooms. We implement an odor control system beginning with comprehensive daily, interim and deep cleaning along with a proven ongoing odor control program. We also make sure floors are properly cleaned, grout lines are addressed, “ring around the floor” is avoided, and paper products are fully stocked.

Lobby/Hallways - Floors are thoroughly cleaned with the proper cleaning products to assure proper slip resistance and maximum shine. Carpeting is vacuumed daily with interim and deep cleaning performed according to your traffic.  Any spills, spots and stains are addressed immediately.  Reception desks, lobby waiting tables, receptacles, and other surface areas are cleaned and high touch areas are disinfected.

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