Commercial Cleaning Services for Clean Rooms

Cleaning Clean Rooms

Arnold's Kleenit Company is highly skilled in the particulars of cleaning environmentally controlled areas, as we have been cleaning them for decades.  In fact, we have over thirty years of cleanroom experience and has performed in Class 10 to Class 10,000 environments.

Cleanrooms have very specific cleaning requirements necessitated by the work they perform in the areas of product development, product assembly and product packaging. Arnold's Kleenit Co. assures these requirements are met:

  • Cleaning tasks are performed using lint free materials, highly filtered vacuums, and chemicals used to control contamination.
  • We are able to meet the need for cleaning tasks to be performed at a very high frequency, depending on the particulate control requirements.
  • All cleaning tasks are documented for required record keeping and performance.
  • Our cleanroom cleaning staff are highly trained in cleanroom protocols which includes gowning, proper cleaning methods, chemical handling/storage, and documentation.
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