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Cleaning Automotive Dealerships

Obtain the most from your VCT floor by trusting the Arnold's Kleenit Co. team right from the start and relying on our years of VCT floor care experience. 

In the first couple years, your VCT flooring needs proper maintenance care or the adhesive bond may be corrupted.  It is imperative to use the right products and procedures to assure its integrity.

VCT floors should be sealed and/or finished with the proper products with an accurate number of coats dependent on your facility’s traffic conditions, budget, and expectations.

The number of coats depends on such factors as your expectations, traffic conditions, budget, climate, etc.

Our daily maintenance of VCT floors removes dust, dirt, grit and debris to avoid floor damage and we damp mop as required.  Periodically, as needed, we do the heavy-duty work of scrubbing, using the proper equipment and pads.  

When your VCT flooring needs restoration, we have the experience to properly strip and refinish with the least amount of disruption in your daily activities.

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Cleaning banks and financial institutions

Arnold's Kleenit Co. maintenance services provides a comprehensive commercial carpet maintenance program including daily care, interim maintenance, and deep extraction cleaning.  We evaluate your traffic patterns and provide the best carpet program to extend the life of your carpet investment.

Our daily maintenance removes surface dirt and spot-cleans where needed.  Our interim maintenance schedules appearance cleaning for all traffic areas and includes pile lifting and brushing. 

We perform deep cleaning with a powerful extraction system on a regular schedule to remove residues and trapped soils.  Your carpet continues to look good and lasts for many years … we have some customers with carpet over 15 years old!

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Cleaning banks and financial institutions

The Arnold's Kleenit Co. team is ready to process your cement floor to a beautifully polished sheen and then maintain it according to your foot traffic.

We can perform these types of cement processing:

Surface Coated Concrete: We treat your concrete floor with a special chemical coating film to achieve a gloss reading.

Burnished Concrete: We conduct a multi-step process using mechanical friction. This process provides a nice gloss finish that is a little less durable and requires some maintenance.

Epoxy Coated Concrete: We can apply special epoxy floor coating specifically for garage floors, giving them an amazing resistance to wear and chemicals. These coatings come in a variety of color options.

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Cleaning banks and financial institutions

Whether it is your office building entry or your championship gym floor, Arnold's Kleenit Co. has the know-how on keeping your hardwood floor maintained in top condition. We can perform daily cleaning based on the finish on it: urethane/polyurethane; wax; or acrylic impregnated.

When it comes to the time-consuming, difficult task of hardwood floor restoration, customers trust us and our experience in screening and refinishing hundreds of hardwood floors.   We work with you to determine your facility’s needs and the best finish to apply, then work to complete the hardwood floor restoration with as little disruption and dust as possible.

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Cleaning banks and financial institutions

Think it impossible to have clean, bright grout?  Think again!  Arnold's Kleenit Co. brings dingy, discolored grout back to life with our Tile & Grout Restoration services. 

First, we use commercial products and equipment to properly clean and dislodge embedded dirt, brighten colors, and remove soils.  Then, we use the appropriate sealing products to assure grout lines retain their clean look and seal out soil and odor-causing bacteria.

How often should your grout be resealed?  Most tile manufacturers recommend between once and twice a year, depending on your traffic. Depend on Arnold's Kleenit Co. to monitor your grout sealant effectiveness and alert you to when it needs to be re-applied.

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Cleaning banks and financial institutions

First impressions matter … and that is probably why beautiful natural stone, such as granite and marble, are popular in commercial and retail venues throughout Rochester.

It is essential these surfaces are maintained in the proper way, or there will be irreparable damage.  This is especially important during our tough winter months. Our daily care uses the proper cleaning techniques for these surfaces and the appropriate cleaning products.

If your marble or granite surfaces have become dull, scratched or etched, trust Arnold's Kleenit Co. to restore them to their natural beauty. We are certified in performing a  re-crystallization process that effectively removes fine scratches and restores the surface’s original shine and polish.

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